PATCH: video mode changes

Lionel Ulmer lionel.ulmer at
Sat Apr 12 03:43:49 CDT 2003


I have some comments on this patch :

> +            if (devmode->dmFields & DM_BITSPERPEL)
> +            {
> +                if (devmode->dmBitsPerPel != GetSystemMetrics(SM_WINE_BPP))
> +                    continue;
> +            }

This may cause problems... It's not per-se a problem in your patch, but from
what I know Windows applications expect to have '32' on a 24/32 display and
Wine stores here '24'.

So you may 'refuse' some modes that should be valid.

(again, if ever you have a graphic card still supporting 24/24 mode, please
 tell me so that I can torture your XFree libraries to find a valid way of
 checking the difference between 24/24 and 24/32)

> +            SYSMETRICS_Set( SM_CXSCREEN, devmode->dmPelsWidth );
> +            SYSMETRICS_Set( SM_CYSCREEN, devmode->dmPelsHeight );

This are actually 'User' internal functions ? In that case, why not just do
the resolution change in the X11 driver and let User itself handle the
sysmetric change ? I.e. call these in the 'ChangeDisplaySettingsExW'
function and not in the low-level graphic driver.

Now my most important grief : did you think about all the people who 1) use
Desktop mode and 2) disable XVidMode in their config file ? For those,
applications may now abort saying 'Vidmode not supported' (whereas it was
working just fine before because we accepted all modes that are smaller than
the actual screen size).

So I would say that if no VidMode is present or if the User driver function
does not exist in the driver, the old 'stub' API should remain as it is.


		 Lionel Ulmer -

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