Wine 0.9 TODO v0.8

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Sat Apr 12 09:40:51 CDT 2003

Hi folks,

The next version of the 0.9 TODO is way past due (again!), 
and today is as good as any other day for a brand new release:

  * Jer finished the WineHQ redesign (A1)
  * Brian completed the screenshot galery (A4)
  * Adam is our new Slackware maintainer (A6)
  * Andreas updated the User & Development Guide (B1,B3)
  * I took on the Packaging Guide and Winelib docu (B2,B4,B8)
  * New task: more modular doc building (B12)
  * I've updated and integrated Jaco's winecfg into the tree (C2)
  * John did more work on the DLL registration (C5)
  * Shachar got a working version of wineboot into the tree (C7)
  * I finished messing with wrc (D5)
  * I got winegcc to a working state (D6)
  * Marcus made the printing system detection dynamic (E3)
  * Eric improved WinHelp some more (E6)

Please note that this version has been in the making for almost
4 month! Lot's of stuff changed, feedback is much appreciated.


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