LdrGetDllHandle with FlashMX demo

Darren Cook darren at dcook.org
Sat Apr 12 02:01:06 CDT 2003

When trying to run the FlashMX Demo version I got about 120 lines of:
   fixme:module:LdrGetDllHandle Unknown behavior, please report

It then dies with "Failed to initialize Vbox! (0010-0069-0090)".

I wasn't sure whether to report it in bugzilla or here as I'm not sure if 
you consider this a bug. So I thought I'd try here first. I'm using this 
version of wine:
(plus stdole32.tlb, copied from winXP machine).

FlashMX demo was copied over from a winXP installation (I couldn't get the 
installer to run under wine). I also have a full version of FlashMX which 
works (well, some rough edges :-), also by copying over from winXP.

If you need more information, or want me to try in debug mode, etc. let me 
know (I'm not subscribed to the list).


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