Cross compiling tests

Hans Leidekker hans at
Sat Apr 12 16:07:26 CDT 2003

On Sat, 12 Apr 2003, Steven Edwards wrote:

[MinGW linking error]

> Yes this is a known bug. Mingw includes its own C exit code. I have been meaning to email them
> about this.

OK thanks. But is it really a bug? Don't other compilers do that as well? 
If so I think we should be able to cope with that.

[Another linking error]
> > The wine_ prefix suggests that this is a Wine internal function, so 
> > it will never be avaliable on Windows/MinGW. Can these be removed?
> > Or is there an alternative that works on all platforms? This is the
> > other one that fails:
> No this builds fine on Mingw for Windows if you import libwine. Is there something wrong with your
> workaround. You still need to link to the files in wine/lib.

I see, but wine/lib is not in the Makefile for the crosstest target. So 
I'm starting to wonder if anyone is ever seeing a 'make crosstest' finish
successfully? Do you use the Wine Makefile?

[Another linking error]

> I think this is the same thing. The static and dynamic libraries in wine/lib are still needed in
> some cases even if you use the w32api package and not wines import libs.

I'll look into that. Thanks again for your comments.


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