OLE storage SetFilePointer fix

Mike Hearn mike at theoretic.com
Sun Apr 13 07:05:19 CDT 2003

> P.S.: Alexandre, I'd REALLY like you to finally put a patch status
> tracking system in place. The number of people submitting patches
> for the second, third, bazillionth time is astonishing (I speak
> from my very own experience, too!). I really don't know how many very
> valuable Wine patches got lost due to not getting applied without any
> status reply whatsoever...

The main problem as far as I'm concerned isn't so much the lack of a
patch "tracker", I'm usually capable of keeping track of whether my
patches have been applied or not by watching wine-cvs (though i've found
once or twice i've missed the commit), it's more an issue of if a patch
is rejected, you have to ask why.

That means I'm often left thinking, is my patch simply in the queue, or
is something wrong with it? Or, like my last pkgconfig patch, is there
another reason it didn't go in?

The way gnome/mozilla do it is to have patches put in bugzilla, but for
the sheer volume of patches Wine gets with only Alexandre committing
(which is fine by me), that wouldn't work. 

I'd be perfectly happy with the current arrangement if when a patch was
dropped, a reason would normally appear on wine-devel - but then I'm not
the one doing the work, Alexandre is, so it's easy for me to ask for him
to do more work :/

thanks -mike

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