OLE storage SetFilePointer fix

Mike Hearn mike at theoretic.com
Sun Apr 13 09:02:33 CDT 2003

> I occasionaly rediff my whole tree and so notice if a patch is missing,
> and I remember if I sent it or not.

I would but I tend to add debug code etc which pollutes the diff - I
just keep a small text file with a record of every patch i make, then
delete it when its committed, works fine for me.

> And I meanwhile understand Alexandres acceptance rules pretty well to
> know that a slightly hacky patch will just not make it in ;)

Ah, but you can been working with Alexandre for years, not months like
me. I expect you have a far better feel for when a patch is dropped
because it's too hacky, or for when the code style isn't right and so 

> So I do not see a real problem here ;)

It's not huge, Alexandre has always explained when I've asked why a
patch didn't go in and he's always reasonable. I expect for some patches
though, people send them and assume they'll be told if there's a problem
then it just gets forgotten about over time.

> Ciao, Marcus

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