Is it possible to call DLL functions from a Linux program?

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Apr 13 19:41:39 CDT 2003

Eloy wrote:
 > Now, I want to run this program natively under Linux - I mean, I don't
 > want to run wcmd because that requires an X server.

I suggest just running your little Windows program under Wine.
Don't use wcmd, you don't need it.
For instance, in my ~/bin, I have a shell script winword
which just contains
   wine -- "c:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Office\\Office\\winword.exe" "$@"
That more or less lets me run microsoft word from the commandline.

You can configure wine to not require X.  I've done it
on some commandline Windows programs I wanted to use
in shell scripts on Linux.  It was and is a pain, I
believe, because so few of the Wine developers
use commandline Windows programs without X, but it
is doable.  (And maybe it's easier than it used to be;
I don't know.)
- Dan

Dan Kegel

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