ttydrv, was: re: Is it possible to call DLL functions from a Linux program?

Vincent Béron vberon at
Mon Apr 14 08:18:22 CDT 2003

Le lun 14/04/2003 à 09:00, Uwe Bonnes a écrit :
> Are you sure that you don't have a Wine-server running in the background,
> perhaps because you started the wineserver explicit in the background or
> because there is another wine process running or there is a crashed wine
> process stuck?

I'm sure I don't have any wine or wineserver process hanging, it was the
first time since last boot (this morning) I launched Wine. A quick ps
showed the same thing also.

> But for me with even another wine-process in the background and with xst
> expilicit a CUI application:
> > setenv XILINX l:\\webpack-5.2
> hertz:~/work/projekte/alice/pasa-astf/fpga/pasamain> unsetenv DISPLAY
> hertz:~/work/projekte/alice/pasa-astf/fpga/pasamain> /spare/bon/wine/wine -- /spare/bon/webpack-5.2/bin/nt/xst -quiet -ifn __projnav/pasamain.xst -ofn pasamain.syr
> x11drv: Can't open display: 

Do xst try to open windows (or MessageBox, etc.), hence needing a
graphics driver? Have you tried with a "Hello world" type program?


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