patch tracking system redux

Dan Kegel dkegel at
Mon Apr 14 13:19:18 CDT 2003

Steven Edwards (steven_ed4153 at wrote:
> --- Dominik Strasser <Dominik.Strasser at> wrote:
>> The attached patch implements proxies in wininet to an extent that at 
>> least IE6 install works behind a firewall.
>> ChangeLog:
>>     partially implement proxy support in wininet
>> This is the third time I am sending this patch. Is anything wrong with it ?
> I think we are starting to see we need a patch tracking system =)

I think Alexandre feels differently.  Have you read ?

I do know of one patch tracking system that works
well (
It's restricted to "trivial" patches, and wouldn't handle
the wininet proxy change, but might still be useful for Wine.  I dunno.

Alexandre silently ignored several of my patches recently,
but that's just fine with me.  They needed more work, and
it was pretty obvious to me which direction I needed to go
in to make him happy.  Since I care about them, I will keep
plugging away until they meet his criteria.
- Dan

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