Support for pkgconfig

Mike Hearn mike at
Mon Apr 14 17:00:45 CDT 2003

> For that, using Wine is a bit overkill; all you need is a PE loader
> and some glue code depending on what dll you are trying to load. You
> are much better off copying a few bits of Wine source into your app
> than trying to make use of the unmodified Wine dlls. That's basically
> the mplayer approach.

Perhaps, but for instance the quicktime codecs try and load comctl32
regardless so mplayer stubs that out and just tries to avoid triggering
crashes - the whole thing is basically extremely fragile.

Plus there are things for which copy'n'paste isn't appropriate - the guy
who was playing with Cubase VST plugins in Wine a few months ago for
instance, VST plugins often require GUI support, registry, directsound
etc etc.

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