Support for pkgconfig

Vincent Béron vberon at
Mon Apr 14 21:21:12 CDT 2003

Le lun 14/04/2003 à 21:40, Steven Edwards a écrit :
> I know some Linux distros (RHAT) set wineserver to allways run a a 
> background process via xinetd or other rc.d scripts so doesnt this 
> method take care of part of the problem of wineserver initialization?

Actually, the only thing RH does with Wine and rc.d scripts is to enable
the execution of Windows excutables through the binfmt_misc module, ie
you can then execute a Windows executable the same ways as a normal ELF
or script executable (or Java or whatever else you configured
binfmt_misc to handle).

The wineserver starts the same way as on other distros/OS, ie probably
by wine itself if it is not already running (or can't be connected to).


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