manual patch tracking system for ntdll

thomas.mertes at thomas.mertes at
Tue Apr 15 03:13:05 CDT 2003


Since I am following the ntdll development, I noticed some
not applied patches:

- Ntdll atom stuff:

- Ntdll atom tests.
  The tests where verified by Dmitry Timoshkov in this mail:

- Resend: Implement some ACE functions

IMHO, if a patch is correct (can be verified by tests) it should be applied,
even if no application needs this functions (at the moment). If this
functions are needed later, some implementation (with FIXMEs) is
already there as base for further development. This is easier than
looking for a (possibly outdated) patch in the archieves.

I see the wine source also as a information repository, which is
easier to access, than a patch archive. In the worst case it should
be possible that a function is accepted but deactivated with #ifdef.

Thomas Mertes

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