WineHQ: whitespace

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at
Wed Apr 16 11:56:38 CDT 2003

On 16 Apr 2003, Jeremy Newman wrote:

> I copied it from the email prog into my text editor then saved it. Then
> used the 'patch -p0 < foo.patch' command. Excuse my patching
> inexperience here. ;) Also recommended to me was just to "save as" the
> entire message.

Yeah, the copy & paste must have done it. Well, ask Alexandre, I suspect
he knows a thing or two about it :) BTW, I'm surprised that the mailers
(KMail, Evolution) don't have a built it action like pressing 'P' while
viewing a email to apply the patch (I haven't checked closely, but I've
never seen something like this).

> I'll get your patches in sometime today, I'm a little buried right now,
> our office building lost power for a couple hours so I'm in the process
> of getting our network back up and stable. The co-lo server where WineHQ
> is hosted was unaffected thankfully.

I hope you guys have good a UPS. My server has an uptime >300 days, and
I had many power failures (some quite long). It saves the day.


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