remove server silliniess

Gregory M. Turner gmturner007 at
Thu Apr 17 02:48:35 CDT 2003

On Thursday 17 April 2003 02:13 am, Fabian Cenedese wrote:
> >> remove run-time checks of compile-time constants.
> >
> >I dearly wish that there were a way of doing compile-time assertion, but
> > there isn't, so it has to be done by a runtime assertion.
> Well, there seem to be some reasonable tricks for that:
> This is for C++ but maybe also adaptable for C:
> bye  Fabi

ah, the hidden powers of the preprocessor -- how it drives us to obsfucation 
with it's robotic stupidity...  I wonder, is cpp a turing machine?  Makes me 
want to implement vim as a sed script ;)

nonetheless, considering one must sometimes make do with what one has, that 
array-of-zero trick is super-clever... perhaps I'll actually make a 
constructive patch out of this debacle yet..


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