winecfg kickoff

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at
Thu Apr 17 14:06:46 CDT 2003

Hi Alexandre,

I have a little (and hopefully not too controversial :) suggesting
on how to kickoff our little winecfg utility.

Namely, we need to get the load/save from/to registry code going.
To do so, we need the regisry key structure in place. Item C1
says "Merge configuration into the registry":

So here's my proposal:
  1. Do C1 now, but keep the current configuration in place
  2. Label the conf file in CVS, to know when we merged it
  3. Work on winecfg to load/save stuff properly
  4. When done, compare the current version of the conf file
     with the labeled one, to see what's changed.
  5. Adapt winecfg to the new changes
  6. Drop the old config file

Now, if this sounds like a plan, I was hopeing you could do 
(1) & (2) as it seems you have an idea where things should 
end up :) (and because only you can label stuff in CVS).

Hopefully people will pick up on (3), if not I guess I can take
a look, time permitting.


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