Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Fri Apr 18 13:13:57 CDT 2003

> Is anyone working on winedbg ? I have some ideas and would like to hear
> opinions/more ideas/flames: >
see below for the overall idea

>   * enabling/disabling of displays [done]
>   * displays shown in one function only [done]
ok for those (basically, it's needed if you implement gdb behavior of 
disabling a display if we fail to evaluate it at some point)
>   * implement define command to add symbols on the fly (didn't find it
>     is sources except in help text ...)
symbolfile/DEBUG_ReadSymbolTable does this job
>   * save/restore breakpoints/displays/defined symbols
source/DEBUG_Parser allows to set bp from text files
>   * reverse backtrace list (so current frame is at the bottom and you
>     dont have to scroll all the way up)
>   * remove limit of 10 entries in DEBUG_GetSymbolValue [done]
>   * remove duplicated code in DEBUG_FindNearestSymbol/DEBUG_CheckLinenoStatus

> I haven't looked everywhere, yet, but `grep FIXME *|wc -l` shows 106 now,
> so I should find something. :)
I don't think we should spend too much time enhancing winedbg.

doing the same grep for FIXME just in wine/dlls sub dirs spits out about 
6500 FIXMEs... so we'd better spend some time on those which are really 

moreover, the --gdb option deprecates most of the extension you're 
looking at (I even wonder if we shouldn't set --gdb as default way to 
run winedbg, and to have a specific command line options for the current 


Eric Pouech

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