Palettes - Any experts?

Ann and Jason Edmeades us at
Sat Apr 19 06:18:56 CDT 2003

Hi Ove, Thanks for the kind help - I was just diving into the 
palette code to try to work out how it worked!

>Do you actually run Windows in a 256-color mode? If not, then Windows
>does not have a need for messing with a system palette, so it neither
>honors realization requests nor does it send any palette messages (not
>even WM_QUERYNEWPALETTE, which wine always sent last time I checked).

That was what interested me from Alexanders update - I run my windows 
system in 16 bit and my Linux system in 24 bit color, so I was even
more suprised that the palette needed playing with.

So if windows would not generate WM_QUERYNEWPALETTE inside RealizePalette 
for >256 colours? Looking through the code I think it is 'easier' to
do it inside palette.c since we maintain a flag, X11DRV_PALETTE_VIRTUAL
for true colour, otherwise we need to look it up each time.

I have 2 complete guesses af a fix, any thoughts as to which is more 
appropriate? (As they both work for me but could easily break something!)

    /* For X11DRV_PALETTE_VIRTUAL (>256 colours), no need to realize */
    if( X11DRV_PALETTE_PaletteFlags & X11DRV_PALETTE_VIRTUAL )) return 0; 

1. Dont do updating of the mapping for truecolour?
	Put the code at the top of X11DRV_RealizePalette so we skip the rest
2. Do the mapping but fake a zero return code?
      Put the code at the bottom of X11DRV_RealizePalette

Any thoughts which is better? 

(My current patch which I will run with for now is attached)

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