Wine keyboard focus and bug 1385

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at
Sat Apr 19 09:03:45 CDT 2003


When playing for example the game Jedi Outcast on Wine (quake3 based) in 
non-deskop a keyboard related problem appears. The game starts fine but 
doesn't receive any keyboard input. When I press for example the A key, the 
character appears in the console. I saw this problem before and it looks a 
lot like bug 1385:

After looking a bit at the source code I found a way to fix my problem. I 
edited some code in the SetFocus function from x11drv/window.c.

The original code looks like this:
/* we must not use CurrentTime (ICCCM), so try to use last message time 
instead */
/* FIXME: this is not entirely correct */
XSetInputFocus( display, win, RevertToParent,  
/*CurrentTime*/ GetMessageTime() + X11DRV_server_startticks );

When I set the time to CurrentTime the problem was gone. According to the 
description and the FIXME neither solutions are correct. I don't know enough 
about the working of the x11 driver and X programming, so perhaps someone can 

Roderick Colenbrander

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