cvs woes

Ann and Jason Edmeades us at
Sun Apr 20 09:45:02 CDT 2003

Looking at the XFree/mesa headers, it implies MIRROR_REPEAT is in gl 1.4, so
I will try a joint approach of

            switch (Value) {
            case D3DTADDRESS_WRAP:   wrapParm = GL_REPEAT; break;
            case D3DTADDRESS_CLAMP:  wrapParm = GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE; break;
            case D3DTADDRESS_BORDER: wrapParm = GL_REPEAT; break;      /*
FIXME: Not right, but better */
#if defined(GL_VERSION_1_4)
            case D3DTADDRESS_MIRROR: wrapParm = GL_MIRRORED_REPEAT; break;
            case D3DTADDRESS_MIRRORONCE:  /* Unsupported in OpenGL but
pretent mirror */
#elif defined(GL_ARB_texture_mirrored_repeat)
            case D3DTADDRESS_MIRRORONCE:  /* Unsupported in OpenGL but
pretent mirror */
            case D3DTADDRESS_MIRROR:      /* Unsupported in OpenGL pre-1.4
            case D3DTADDRESS_MIRRORONCE:  /* Unsupported in OpenGL

Would this work for the people failing? If so I'll submit it

I wouldnt have thought simple changes like those 2 patches could have broken
so much!! Sorry about that

However, I am happy as with 2 unsubmitted changes, I can now see some of
WC3's menus :-) Shame I am developing on a un-accelerated system, so a frame
rate of 1 every about 10 seconds is slightly slow.....


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> Hmm - This is a more tricky one to fix - Lionel, got any ideas?

Not really, except that its not defined either on my box but I have
'GL_MIRRORED_REPEAT_IBM' which seems to be more common.

I think instead of testing on OpenGL 1.3 for extensions, one should rather
test on all individual defines which are used in glext.h (for example, in
this case 'GL_ARB_texture_mirrored_repeat').


		 Lionel Ulmer -

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