New trace option?

Ferenc Wagner wferi at
Sun Apr 20 13:08:43 CDT 2003

"Ann and Jason Edmeades" <us at> writes:

> I would really, really like a timestamp prefix

Yes, that would be usable.  And I would also very much like
a way to switch debugging on/off temporarily, since it makes
wine very slow even when not needed.  And I would also like
a lot of other fancy things, like searching, filtering,
matching, indenting etc. during the run.

All of the above could be decoupled of Wine if buffering
did not spoil interactivity when using pipes, and if pipe
buffers were possible to overflow.  There is an expect
script called unbuffer to solve the first issue.  Once I
tried to put together a program which forwards/drops lines
according to SIGUSR sent to him.  I failed.  Less or Emacs
could do the rest.  Use Perl for timestamping in the middle.

Perhaps I will do this one day.  I am still not sure if the
design is right.  Seems generally useful, I wonder it is not
done yet...

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