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Dan Kegel dank at
Tue Apr 22 00:50:09 CDT 2003

Anyone seen this one yet?
It seems good enough that perhaps there should be a link to it

We might want to nudge the author into disclosing the
version number of the Wine he was using, so non-Knoppix
users can compare versions.
- Dan

p.s. Here's its lead-in text:

"The WINE List
By Graeme Bennett
Posted Aug. 6, 2002; updated Mar. 26, 2003


Wine (which, its authors say, stands for 'Wine is not an emulator')
is a Windows-compatible application launching environment for Linux and
several other non-Microsoft other operating systems in which users can
run many programs designed for Windows. Since not every Windows program
runs correctly under Wine, and many of the programs I tested successfully
were not listed on the other Wine compatibility lists I found, I've put
together this list of programs that work (or at least seem to work --
I didn't test every function of every program!) more or less as they do
under Windows.

For these tests, I used the Wine version built into Knoppix versions
3.1 and 3.2. Knoppix is a free Debian-based Linux distribution that
requires no installation on or changes to your hard drive. It boots and
runs its filesystem directly from a CD. Additionally, it write-protects
your Windows hard drive(s) by default, making it an exceptionally safe
way to test Wine and/or Linux.

Zero Config Wine

All programs tested were previously installed and no special setup,
configuration or manual file copying under Wine was used. In other words,
any program listed below works "as is."


Dan Kegel

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