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Paul McNett p at
Tue Apr 22 08:45:49 CDT 2003

Dimitrie O. Paun writes:

> > It may not be, but at least it brings it into the realm
> > of Microsoft moves we've seen before. (cf. MFC dlls, which are
> > never distributed with Windows itself, and may legally
> > tie all MFC apps to run on Windows alone, if the MFC EULA
> > holds.  Or so I recall.)

> And the question is: is this enforceable?

And... assuming Microsoft has a case here, where does that leave developers 
of Visual FoxPro and Visual Basic apps? Will they need to code their own 
independent runtime libraries for use with Wine (obviously a huge, daunting 

As it stands, and as I understand it (confirmation from Microsoft legal is 
still pending) Microsoft allows free distribution of the runtimes to 
Windows systems, but if you want to deploy your app to anything but Windows 
you need to purchase the Visual FoxPro IDE separately for every Wine box. 
Either that or purchase a Windows license for every Wine box.

Paul McNett
Liberal Earthling

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