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mike at mike at
Tue Apr 22 09:37:52 CDT 2003

> And the answer is: if it isn't, neither is the (L)GPL.  Why would MS not
> be able to place restrictions on distribution of their own copyrighted
> code?

Because those restrictions may not be legal. The (L)GPL does not actually
place restrictions upon you, copyright law means that by default you are a
lot more restricted over what you can do with any piece of code. Copyleft
licenses grant you abilities above and beyond what you'd normally get. In
contrast, EULAs attempt to place additional restrictions upon you, for
which there are no legal precedents.

Besides, the idea that software is "licensed" is a rather legally dubious
one anyway - for all intents and purposes it's a product, the idea of the
license agreement as an after-the-fact contract has never (as far as I
know) been fully tested in court.

thanks -mike

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