Wintab32 dll devlopment

Robert North 7ownq0k402 at
Tue Apr 22 17:35:44 CDT 2003

I have just posted a status update on my wintab32 development
to the following wine bug.

And following on from that update there are a number of questions I need 
answered to guide my further development:

1. Cross over office and tablets.
I heard somewhere that Crossover office had a tablet implementation.
Does anyone know about this, and who to contact to find out more?
If they've got an implementation of wintab, I wonder if it's worth 
continuing the development.

2. When to post patches
I could start producing patches quite soon.
For instance, I could post patches when the WTInfo function is working.
Or, I could wait till the whole system is working fully with at least
one app?

3. Size of the patches.
Is it better to break patches into small (valid compile, but 
non-functioning) chunks, or to release large functioning patches?

4. Config files
Wintab will need some config data.
I assume the best place to put this is in the ~/.wine/config file,
within a registry key named "wintab"?

5. Development notes.
I have some notes on the design that other developers will probably find 
Where in the wine project should they go?
There seems to be no place for rough notes.

6. x11drv integration.
Currently the code is implemented to connect to X11 in a similar way to 
directX. No additional code is placed in the x11drv dll.
This X11 connection should be discarded. To this end I have a number of 
functions that I'd like to place in x11drv dll.
The question is:
Should I put them into x11drv before releasing any patches, or maintain 
the directX style connection in the initial wine patches?

7. Cross-platform abilities
Is there any need to think about allowing alternatives to
XInput to plug into the wintab dll?

Yeah, I know that's a lot of questions,
But I hope you guys can give me some guidance.


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