odd message

Robert Lunnon bob at yarrabee.net.au
Wed Apr 23 00:41:20 CDT 2003

I am debugging a shareware game my kids often play called little fighter 2 (It 
deadlocks after creating the third thread) But before I get to the deadloack 
I noticed I get the following two messages from wine,

err:module:BUILTIN_LoadModule loaded .so but dll wineaudioio.drv still not 
err:module:BUILTIN_LoadModule loaded .so but dll joystick.drv still not found

 from what I can see wine is loading the two shared libraries ok and 
__wine_dll_register gets properly called EG

Breakpoint 2, __wine_dll_register (header=0xdcb82480, filename=0xdcb721f6 
"wineaudioio.drv") at loader.c:327

Yet find_dll_descr( dllname ) in builtin.c fails to find the name ??

Any hints would be appreciated

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