Wintab32 dll devlopment

Aric Stewart aric at
Wed Apr 23 08:06:01 CDT 2003

Hi Robert,

  I did a Wintab32 implementation for CrossOver Office 2.0. I will 
create a patch for winehq and submit it later today. If you want to 
continue to work off of that you are welcome to.  It may be best not to 
duplicate work too much.

> 1. Cross over office and tablets.
> I heard somewhere that Crossover office had a tablet implementation.
> Does anyone know about this, and who to contact to find out more?
> If they've got an implementation of wintab, I wonder if it's worth 
> continuing the development.

I would say yes, My development was specifically for the wacom intuos 
tablet. I tried hard to make it general enough to incorporate anything 
using wintab32.dll but if you have other devices that would be great.

> 4. Config files
> Wintab will need some config data.
> I assume the best place to put this is in the ~/.wine/config file,
> within a registry key named "wintab"?

I worked hard to require no config data.

> 6. x11drv integration.
> Currently the code is implemented to connect to X11 in a similar way to 
> directX. No additional code is placed in the x11drv dll.
> This X11 connection should be discarded. To this end I have a number of 
> functions that I'd like to place in x11drv dll.
> The question is:
> Should I put them into x11drv before releasing any patches, or maintain 
> the directX style connection in the initial wine patches?

I created some new functions in x11drv and all the connection to X went 
through those.

> 7. Cross-platform abilities
> Is there any need to think about allowing alternatives to
> XInput to plug into the wintab dll?

because i wrote to the X level, and tablets all seemed to use the XInput 
functions i wrote to XInput. To write directly to the hardware devices 
seemed to be way to device specific to me, as well as duplicating the 
work done on the wacom X driver.

I will try to have my patch submitted later today.


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