System Shock 2 Working (Almost)

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Mon Apr 21 15:04:12 CDT 2003

Hey guys, 

I don't know if anyone else has but I've been trying to get system shock
2 working with wine for quite some time.  It segfaults with the latest
versions of winex, but with a cvs of wine from 20030115 it works! 
Menus, sound and 3D all seem to be working fine, except for some slight
texture corruption on things like door handles.  

The problem is the 2D overlay stuff - the HUD, inventory, etc. are all
missing which makes it unplayable.  I saw on some other forum that it
had been added to either wine or winex... anyone have any ideas?

Another problem is that ss2 no longer seems to work with the newer wine
builds (20030327 at least) it just displays a message that says video
card not supported.  

So, I'd just like to know if the 2D stuff may work in the latest wines
or not, and if so how to fix the video card not supported message -
thanks for any info :) -Dan

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