winehq mailing list archives being harvested by spammers

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Thu Apr 24 13:02:52 CDT 2003

First, I have seen a huge spam surge lately. I use unique email 
addresses for each mailing list, however, and very few of that spam had 
this email address (actually - none had this, and very little had my 
previous mail address).

I'm not saying that what you are asking for is not reasonable, just that 
it's not necessarily the source.

Dan Kegel wrote:

> Right, which is why I went on to say:
>>   * simply obscuring all email addresses in message headers or trailers
>> That last countermeasure is my favorite one, since it means that
>> Google will still have full access to the info in the list archive. 
I say "go for it". HTML encoding should be sufficient as a first step. 
If necessary - we can use a javascript encoding (check my site out for a 
rather primitive example of that).


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