wintab32 (from CrossOver Office)

Mike Hearn m.hearn at
Fri Apr 25 03:05:03 CDT 2003

Thanks, I already have some code in the form of libegg, but I suspect
Chris' code might be clearer.

Chris - if you have any tips or could send me that code, it'd be good.
Just remember that if you start getting it to work with Wine, please
drop me a line.

On Fri, 2003-04-25 at 04:09, Mike McCormack wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> Now is a good time to mention to you that Chris Hoff did some work on 
> getting XEmbed to work with Wine.  As far as I know, he had a standalone 
> program that could put something in the gnome toolbar, but no Wine code.
> You might want to write him an email to see how far he got with it.
> Mike
> Mike Hearn wrote:
> > I don't really have any, I'm much happier now that the policy has been 
> > made clear. It seems fine to me. No promised on xembed though ;)
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