wintab32 (from CrossOver Office)

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Fri Apr 25 01:52:25 CDT 2003

>No, our policy is not to be particularly secretive; we
>particularly don't want to waste anyones time, ever.
>There is so much to do that any inefficiency is 
>anathema to us.
>We're debating now how to do better.  And we're
>open to suggestions.  Ideas?

I'm far from doing any productive work for wine. And if I will
it will be targeted at our software mainly. So this could only
be helpful for others. But what about this:

You could send a regular Codeweavers-News to the
wine-devel (or private mailing-list to know who gets them)
where you could summarize the work you're on at the
moment (like weekly or once a month). So if someone
is hard doing code he can check first with your list and
then either move to something else or contact you to join
forces. No details necessary, just the big picture.

The other way would be that everybody has to ask you
if you're already doing work on this or that or...

bye  Fabi

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