New Server?

Jeremy White jwhite at
Fri Apr 25 08:28:30 CDT 2003

Actually, the old server had enough moxy to handle the load;
it had been through several Slashdottings.  We've got
both the hardware resources and the bandwidth to handle
this just fine.

We just relied on our good luck holding more than we should

It turns out that one of the SCSI drives was slowly
and steadily flaking out, causing all kinds of fun
problems.  And we didn't have the hardware raid
turned on...

So Jer and I had a really fun night last night.
The highlight of which was squeezing the SCSI
drive electronics for 1-2 hours while the data
copied off.

The good news is that the server is now up on a completely
new box with a brand new shiny drive.  The bad news
is that it's still not set up on the proper hardware
raid we mean for it to have.  That's next weeks project...

We're pretty sure that we copied everything properly,
but the drive was really quite flaky towards the end,
and we have found numerous cases of corrupted files.
We're going to go through and test them on a point
by point basis, and restore from tape where necessary,
but please keep an eye out and let us know if you
find issues.

But the server should be solid for the next few days;
except for a brief period next week, when we'll take it down
and put in a proper hardware raid...<grin>.



hatky wrote:
> Since the Slash Dot pice on Wine the server is dead
> half the day....
> Why not get the site on a new server
> I know what you are going to say:
> "Have you got one?"
> :)
> How about 
> You already have a project open on source forge is it
> that difficult to move the site to their server?
> I THINK they can handle the load
> I assume there is some reason it has not been done but
> if there is not any meager issue I think it will be
> done at least for now (till the users stop coming :) )
> What do you think?
> Hatky.
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