New plans for wintab work.

Robert North 7ownq0k402 at
Sun Apr 27 10:51:35 CDT 2003

Ok, Here are my plans for wintab work.

If Aric's pach is considered ready to go into CVS, then I can
start working on this in the following areas:

Painter support.
	I beleive there are some problems getting Painter to work with 	
	This is my priority.

Additional configuration for wintab.
	Aric's wintab reqires no configuration.
	It is only targeted at Intuos tablets.

	My implementation was to have a zero config default
	for the intuos2 tablet, similar to Aric's.
	Config could be provided where necessary to
	modify how an intuos tablet is seen by wintab,
	or to allow other tablet types to be used by wintab.

	I could merge this work into Aric's implementation.
	This would require significant re-factoring of Aric's
	data structs to match the more generic data structs I

I may not have too much time to do work for the next 3 weeks,
but I'd hope to make some progress on the painter side.

Comments/questions welcome.

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