slovene keyboard without dead keys

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Mon Apr 28 01:01:09 CDT 2003

Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:

>I don't see why explicitly adding a "us" keyboard layout would hurt people,
>since before 4.3.0 release en_US was a mandatory layout existing whether
>the user wanted it or not.
Ok, how about this. A Russian immegrant to Israel (and there are lots of 
those), would want his keyboard settings to be "us,il,ru". Windows 
supports this. X now supports this. Why shouldn't Wine?

>>I would volunteer to do it, except I'm unusually busy of late. I know 
>>that you have messed around with the keyboard code at some time. If you 
>>have time, I recommend you look at it.
>Actually I have a plan to implement support for keyboard layout Win32 APIs
>and that anyway requires rewrite of big chunks of the existing keyboard code
>in x11drv, and as a part of that rewrite I'm going to decouple all existing
>keyboard layout tables with a US English one and build new tables with LCID
>and a layout id,
Excellent. Please bear in mind, however, that sometimes it is 
desireable, and even crucial, to have more than one layout and switch. 
Also, the keyboard switching messages are crucial to some BiDi applications.

Also important is an ability by the system to change keyboards. One such 
requirement is for BiDi text editing, where the algorithm includes, 
among other things, instances where it is necessary to change the 
current keyboard layout.

> but so far I don't know how to support several layouts for
>single locale but with different code pages (for instance for Russian locale
>we need to support 20866 (KOI8-R) and 1251 code pages).
Don't they have different sub-langs? How does Win32 hadle this?


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