New patch for WINE support in valgrind uploaded to sourceforge

Adam Gundy arg at
Mon Apr 28 07:03:10 CDT 2003

A new version of the patch to valgrind needed to support WINE has been uploaded
to Sourceforge:

It should apply cleanly to current valgrind CVS.

This version of the patch will now work with an unmodified WINE CVS version. This is because
it now _fully_ implements clone() support - ie it really does create system level threads.

Currently only one thread can run at a time, so there are no locking issues in the main valgrind

To use with WINE, you need to get a CVS checkout of valgrind, then apply the patch using:

 export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous at
 cvs login
 cvs co valgrind
 patch -p0 < valgrind-wine.patch.13

then build and install valgrind:
  make install

Get a CVS checkout of WINE by following the instructions at:

then configure (for debugging) and build:

  CFLAGS=-g ./configure
  make depend && make install

now you can start looking for bugs in WINE, and bugs in your own (debug) Windows code.
Copy any DLLs/EXEs to somewhere WINE can get to them, plus copy any .PDB files that go with
them into the same directory.

Run WINE under valgrind using eg:

 valgrind --num-callers=30 --workaround-gcc296-bugs=yes wine notepad.exe

or even:

 valgrind --num-callers=30 --workaround-gcc296-bugs=yes --gdb-attach=yes wine notepad.exe


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