Wine, WIDE & Unix (was: Support for pkgconfig)

Brian Vincent (C) VincentB at
Mon Apr 28 10:49:18 CDT 2003

> Wide doesn't change that. In fact, being based on Wine, it will implicitly
> benefit from all the integration work we do on the Wine side. But at that
> point, people will ask: what is the difference between Wide, and just Wine
> running in Gnome? 

I think the problems you're going to run into immediately are:

1) Wine still isn't that far along to support something like this,
   bigger problems need to be solved first.  Not the least of which
   is just good integration with the existing distributions (which
   will solve 90% of the problems you'll run into creating your own

2) Finding people to do the work.  Right now there seems to be a
   problem finding someone to work on the config tool, let alone a
   full blown desktop with multiple integrated apps.

3) Documentation.. it's never been one of the strong points of the
   project and a whole desktop environment needs a lot of it.  

4) API.. Alexandre made an excellent point that promoting an API
   designed by MS puts the ball in their court.  Pretty hard to
   compete on even terms with a company that has a lot of talented,
   motivated people and a war chest bigger than the GNP of a lot
   of nations.

I think the proper thing to do is write it up an outline of it and
put it on the "Fun Projects" page.  Maybe someone will find the
time to work on it.  

Brian Vincent
Copper Mountain Telecom
vincentb at

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