Wine, WIDE & Unix (was: Support for pkgconfig)

Patrik Stridvall ps at
Tue Apr 29 06:50:58 CDT 2003

> > Well, I can't see why Trolltech (the owners of Qt) would object.
> > 
> > Presumably the main reason that you would want a Qt skin for
> > Windows application running under Wine is that you run several
> > other Unix applications using Qt...
> > 
> > So I can't see why they wouldn't give us special permission
> > if we for some reason would need it...
> I'm not sure it's quite that simple though. IIRC Qt/KDE themes use the
> Qt drawing primitives (like gtk skins do with gdk). Unfortunately,
> Qt/Win32 is not free software, so we'd have to stub out Qt with Win32
> equivalents in order to allow Qt skins to draw correctly. As GDK is
> already ported to Win32 though, that'd be easier to use.
> I'm sure if somebody was motivated enough they could do so, and we may
> need to stub out Qt anyway for KHTML at some point. But it's a lot of
> work.

Well, the point is that i'm pretty sure that both Trolltech (and the
KDE project) would very much like to Qt themed Wine in order to
compete in the desktop market so I'm sure it would be possible to
get some sort of "deal" somehow.

Perhaps just releasing the Qt drawing primatives implementation
under the LGPL would be a solution that would be acceptable
to all parties. I can't see Trolltech losing very much from doing that.

No work at all (except convincing Trolltech to do that).

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