Wine, WIDE & Unix (was: Support for pkgconfig)

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Tue Apr 29 07:23:57 CDT 2003

On April 29, 2003 02:46 am, Gregory M. Turner wrote:

> 3) (the original thread I believe?) what are the prospects of using wine as
> a window manager?

Man, am I misunderstood or what? :) No, I've never suggested we use wine as
a window manager. In fact, I explicitly said I don't what to needlessly
duplicate code. Using the gnome panel & window manager, and what have you
is good enough for me.

> As for the browser issue, it's been discussed on the list ad infinitum and
> the consensus was that we should lean towards konq integration.

Is this in the context of the IWebBrowser interface? That is, how we go 
about providing an implementation for that interface? Well if so, I think
it would be nice if we could have both khtml and gecko as backends for
it. In fact, I think it'd be easier to have mozilla as a backend as they
already implement the IWebBrowser interface. But that's just me talking,
I should give this a try -- but after the 0.9 release! :)

> If you ask me, we should look to implement the (undocumented?) XP skinning
> API's -- with a deliberite sprinkling of internal extensions to clean up
> some of the messy parts if they are too slow for "built in" wine skins.

Yes, I agree on this one -- I've said multiple times that implementing the
theming API is the way forward. In fact, separating the drawing code will
cleanup the controls I think, as we'll have a better separation between the
presentation and logic layers. Moreover, it will allow us to have a cleaner
solution for the win311, win95, win98, winxp looks.

But again, this looks like a post 1.0 project. We need to fix a lot of 
things in the controls for the 1.0 release anyway. I think it's more 
important to the a working set of controls, rather than a themable set
of broken controls :).


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