Wine, WIDE & Unix (was: Support for pkgconfig)

Mike Hearn m.hearn at
Tue Apr 29 07:28:36 CDT 2003

> Well, the point is that i'm pretty sure that both Trolltech (and the
> KDE project) would very much like to Qt themed Wine in order to
> compete in the desktop market so I'm sure it would be possible to
> get some sort of "deal" somehow.
> Perhaps just releasing the Qt drawing primatives implementation
> under the LGPL would be a solution that would be acceptable
> to all parties. I can't see Trolltech losing very much from doing that.
> No work at all (except convincing Trolltech to do that).

Hehehe, yeah, that's the hard part, especially as the difference between
Qt/X11 and Qt/Win32 is mostly the drawing primitives/window creation

Bah. This is stupid. Before we start adding theming to Wine, I think
somebody should at least make an attempt at a unified theming standard.
Otherwise we're just going to end up with huge amounts of bloat and
duplication in Wine already. A standard system would be much better. No,
I don't have time for that :(

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