Patch to get Borland's bcc 5.5 (free beer compiler) to work

Troy Rollo wine at
Mon Apr 28 20:14:49 CDT 2003

On Mon, 28 Apr 2003 14:23, Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:
> Few questions:
>   * Do you build on Windows?

Until now, I have developed on Windows, but I will be continuing to target 
Windows from Linux using Wine to support the build environment, and possibly 
for testing of the application itself, together with plex86 or Bochs VMs as 
needed for testing under the target OS.

>   * Could we run bcc in Wine on Linux to build on Linux using bcc?

Yes, this is what I'm doing.

>   * How far do you get? Do you actually get an executable?

Yes. It produced (among others) an executable of 9402368 bytes (not including 
debugging information which is in a separate file) from 948 object files (not 
including libraries).

>   * Does it run?

Not only does it run, it appears to work OK in wine.

>   * What are the steps you need to take? A concise list of
>     instructions would be nice :) I can post it on the Fun
>     page, so other can play with it was well.

The setup of the Borland C compiler was quite straight-forward - I copied it 
over from an existing Windows installation. This was necessary rather than a 
full install because we use modified header files, but it appears the 
installation from the self-extracting executable won't run, so copying over 
from a copy installed on native Windows is necessary.

Then I put it in the PATH, checked out the code and built using exactly the 
same procedure I used to use under Windows.

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