Patch to get Borland's bcc 5.5 (free beer compiler) to work

Ulrich Weigand weigand at
Tue Apr 29 14:08:13 CDT 2003

Troy Rollo wrote:

> And yes, it should be configurable, or perhaps Wine should be capable of 
> detecting which apps can deal with a 3GB user address space (as apparently 
> executables can be marked to declare this), but as long as it's not 
> configurable, and Wine's not capable of detecting this, it seems to me that 
> the 2GB limit applicable to the desktop operating systems is the correct one.

Well, this depends on what you mean by "desktop operating systems" ;-)

The Win95 based OSes all have a 3GB user space, and in fact *require* it
if you want to use native DLLs, because the system DLLs need to be located
at > 2GB ...


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