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Wed Apr 30 05:28:50 CDT 2003

>>>>> "KK" == KK singh <kk_singh at> writes:

    KK> hi, I have a win32 application that plays some hashing tricks with
    KK> HWND while running on win98 and uses the fact that on win98 HWND is
    KK> always 16bit.

    KK> This application is crashing on wine configured as win98 because
    KK> HWND is something bigger than 16bit on wine.

    KK> Now Can I Check from inside my application code, whether the
    KK> application is running on linux or win98 If yes then I might be able
    KK> to avoid those hashing tricks and solve the crash

First question:
- Can we change Wine behaviour with regard to the HWND handling? That
  would be best in m.h.O.
- If not, check for the wine specific DLL entries e.g. in ntdll

Hope this helps
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