Native ms progs and mybe wine 1.1

hatky hatkyinc at
Wed Apr 30 15:08:46 CDT 2003

I opened a metabug that I hope some of you will like
where I try to "Get native windows programs working"
bug 1424

Think of it: 
dxdiag is a great test case for the directX part
(direct draw,direct 3d, sound, music, 
direct play...) 
ftp,telnet,ping,tracert can show who good the network
code is 
defrag will mybe show who great low level hardware
accses is ? what will it do with 
a non fat paritation? do I hear a challange? 
I don't know what the rest of you think, but a big bug
tree looks cool to me becouse 
you know you can fix something little and to how many
other things it helps so this 
tree may get a bit big.... I don't hear no objections

I hope some of you will help with it a bit and I think
it can be a nice start for the wine 1.1 guildlines 

hoping to get excited responces


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