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puoti at inwind.it puoti at inwind.it
Sat Aug 2 21:35:21 CDT 2003

I've decided I'll include the wine faq and wine user guide into my next wine
rpm, but  I've noticed that the docs need some updates. For a start, they need a
version for rpm packages, it seems a bit crazy to install a binary rpm of wine,
open the user manual, and find a guide on where you can download wine and howto
compile the source, one would usually expect something like 'thank you for
installing wine, we hope you enjoy out product'. Also, as the wine packaging
guide says that rpms should get the user up and running in minutes, using a
script or something like winesetuptk, so I don't think that a guide for end
users that what to install office/there new windows 3D game/whatever should have
a long description of the wine config file (I don't remember seeing
documentation about the windows registry anyware after installing windows 98). 
The current manual presumes that one doesn't  have wine installed, so all the
where to get/how to install part should go, at least from the version we want i
packages after 1.0, and something like 'you can download the most recent version
of wine from <link to the wine sourceforge download page>' should go in it's place.
Once wine reaches 0.9, I would be happy to help updating the docs, so we have
something very user friendly before 1.0, and I could also translate the docs to

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