Strange code in misc/registry.c

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Sat Aug 2 23:34:18 CDT 2003

"Lionel Ulmer" <lionel.ulmer at> wrote:

> The attached patch fixes all crashes on my box, but well, as I am not very
> familiar with this code, sent it to wine-devel and not wine-patches for
> review by Registry gurus :-)

I'm not a Registry guru by all means :-), but IMO the real bugs are at lines
        new_key_name = _strdupnA(key_name,strlen(key_name)+dkh->keynamelen+1);
and 1011:
        new_key_name = _strdupnA(key_name,strlen(key_name)+nk->name_len+1);

which incorrectly do request to copy too much bytes.


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