Windows API db / find APIs missing for a given app

dmiller at dmiller at
Sun Aug 3 12:28:27 CDT 2003

If it says "The following applications where found:" but does not list any 
applications it simply did not find any matches.  There are only a couple of 
apps there at the moment, to test the script.  If you want to see how it 
works just leave the application field empty and it will return all apps in 
the database.

All of the scripts are written in perl.  SQL queries are done using perl 
DBI.  My only perl experience is this project so I would guess overall they 
are not very well optimized.  I did index the api field in the database and 
that helped a lot.

BiGgUn <fbiggun at> said:

> >3.  Find unimplemented APIs for a given program.
> I typed some apps name (mirc, dreamweaver...) but i just got 'The 
following applications were found:'. Did i miss something ?
> >The forms are currently at  Unfortunately I can't keep 
this as a permanent location.  The PC is just too slow
> >and the scripts really hog CPU.  They do lots of SQL queries.  :)
> SQL queries are already optimized ? Do you use a CGI or PHP script tp make 
your queries ?
> Stephan


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