Linking to _wtol function

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Mon Aug 4 05:46:37 CDT 2003

"Robert Shearman" <> wrote:

> I'd like to get people's opinions on how I should link to the _wtol
> from a Wine DLL. Should I:
> a) Link to NTDLL and use the function there
> b) Link to MSVCRT and use the function there
> c) Create a new function in unicode.h
> d) Copy the function into my DLL

a) and b) are equivalent. In dlls/msvcrt/msvcrt.spec _wtol is
just a link to ntdll._wtol.
I suggest you use a) since NTDLL is always present (in NT systems).
If your program/dll should also run in DOS based systems you should use b).
Btw. The wine implementation of the _wtol function is okay, so c) is not
necessary. And code duplication d) is also not a good idea.

> In that case should I reimplement _wtol in NTDLL function using strtolW?
> rest of the functions in wcstring.c call their libunicode versions, but
> one doesn't.

This is wrong the only function in wcstring.c calling strtolW is _wcstol.

As you can see in the changelog several months ago I implemented the
_ultoa, _ltoa, _itoa, _ui64toa, _i64toa,
_atoi64, _ultow, _ltow, _itow, _ui64tow, _i64tow, _wtol, _wtoi,

There are also test functions for this functions in the dlls/ntdll/tests
All this functions work correct and are documented.
There is no reason to rewrite them for fun unless you find a bug.

If you want to write little library functions, It is not necessary to
something already working. Search for library functions in msvcrt. There
are tons of unimplemented functions.

Greetings Thomas Mertes

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