Profiling wine

Mike McCormack mike at
Mon Aug 4 09:17:11 CDT 2003

Hi Mike,

When compiling the profiled build, the configure script defines the 
Makefile variable PROFILE_CFLAGS to contain:


When we're not using the profiler, WINE_NO_PROFILE is defined to 
nothing, and thus has no effect.


Mike Hearn wrote:

> Yup, found it, but looking through the code it seems Mikes initial
> evaluation (i missed bits and it doesn't work) is accurate. Is Charles
> around? If so it'd be good to get this patch into WineHQ, more and more
> bugs these days seem to be along the lines of "wine is too slow". I also
> have some questions, like what exactly WINE_NO_PROFILE does (it's
> defined to nothing....)
> thanks -mike

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