Windows API db / find APIs missing for a given app

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Mon Aug 4 18:33:59 CDT 2003

On August 4, 2003 02:56 pm, Vincent Béron wrote:
> I checked the unimplemented APIs for vcdeasy, and there are two things:
> - Cygwin's dlls (cygz, cygjpeg6b, cygxml2-2, cygwin1) are listed, when
> they're not part of a Windows installation. You should try to separate
> what's part of Windows (any version), and what can be found elsewhere
> (from an application, a toolkit, etc.).
> - Also, in gdi32, BitBlt and StretchBlt are marked as stubs. I have a
> hard time believing that. What's your method to identify stubs?

Cool. Another idea:

  The output should be organized on a per-DLL basis. In fact, I
  think the best way would be to output a list of lists:

    <li> <a name="USER32.DLL"></a><strong>USER32.DLL</strong>
        <li> first difference
        <li> second difference
        <li> ...
    <li> <a name="ANOTHER.DLL"></a><strong>ANOTHER.DLL</strong>

  This works very well when no DLL is selected (so all DLLs are
  compared), as well as when one DLL is selected, because it
  makes it explicit what's going on. Same idea can be applied
  to apps.

  Also, would be very nice to get a "menu" at the top of the
  page will all the DLL/apps listed within, so one can click
  on one and jump directly to it. This menu can be as simple
  <a href="#USER32.DLL">USER32.DLL</a> 
  <a href="#ANOTHER.DLL">ANOTHER.DLL</a>
  That is, just let the browser lay them out.
  (You may want to strip the .DLL, I'm not sure).


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