Boaz Harrosh boaz at hishome.net
Tue Aug 5 08:20:19 CDT 2003

I have managed to compile ATL/WTL from MSVC6.
I will have available a public patch-file for patching ATL/WTL to 
compile under wine, Once I have every thing running

All symbols and functions declared __declspec(selectany) show up as 
"duplicate symbols" errors on the linker. Eliminating  it has the same 

I have searched in google and the few lines I found is that GCC will 
accept  __declspec(selectany) if "-fms-extensions" is used. Well it will 
accept it but will only ignore it all together.

Does any body know how to properly merge duplicate definitions of 
symbols in GCC?
(before I go and change the code) maybe a command line switch to the 
compiler or linker can do the trick ?

Free Life
Boaz Harrosh

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