bug in dlls/dplayx/version.rc drectx gurus please read.

puoti at inwind.it puoti at inwind.it
Wed Aug 6 23:17:15 CDT 2003

I (Think) I've found a bug in dlls/dplayx/version.rc. As you can see from this
bug report I submitted
a few moths ago I discovered that m$ age of empires trial didn't run any more.
Someone did some testing, and the result was that version 1.2 of version.rc
worked, and version 1.3 didn't
I did some testing and I discovered that the problem is in these two lines of code
#define WINE_FILEVERSION 4,7,0,0
Compiling wine with one of these two, or without both of them works perfectly,
the game is quite playable, but if you compile with both (As in current CVS)
when starting the game
you get an error message saying that the game needs directx 6.1a
I did send an email to the developer that sent the patch that adds these lines,
but about 3 weeks have gone and I never got an answer. I don't think it's
anything complex, the easy way is to just remove the 2 lines (Or one of them),
but I suppose Lionel or some other directx developer could work out a better
solution than that.

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